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Lovely Travel in Xiamen


In the crisp autumn September, in order to enliven the company's atmosphere, delight employees, enrich their spare time life, and strengthen communication between employees, the company organized 57 employees to go on a three-day trip to Xiamen on April 20, which called the offshore garden.

Along the way to Xiamen, accompanied by songs and laughter, we arrived at the first stop, zengcuolong. Zengcuolong is the most literary fishing village in China, with a long history. There have variety of pearl necklaces and fragrant snacks in the unique hostel. Here we can feel the gentle, quiet and peaceful of the small fishing village, as well as the unique marine customs and ancient flavor of the fishing village.

Xiamen's morning, with the cooling autumn wind. We went to the wharf by car and took a cruise ship to Gulangyu. After a day's leisurely stroll on the island, enjoying the delicious food and scenery. In here, we not only took photos to record the common good memories, but also filtered out the fatigue of our work in the first half of the year, bringing physical and mental pleasure, and also pinned on the good hope for the future work.

Also, we arrived at Nanputuo temple, the last stop of the charming Xiamen tour. Nanputuo temple is located next to Xiamen University. It is divided into two distinct artistic conceptions by the wall. This is the most popular Buddhist temple in Xiamen, and also the best-known temple in the country. Here we can see the devout face of every worshiper, the unspoken whisper, which is the best prayer for the beloved. The temple has always been a holy place, because it gathers tens of thousands of people to pray for the good, so devout. Even if there is nothing else to ask for, you can feel the peace in your heart here. The noise in your heart has already been dissipated in the washing of the Buddhist sound. We stayed in Nanputuo temple for 40 minutes, leaving our best wishes for the future of Yubang. So far, our trip to Xiamen has come to a successful end.

Looking back on this tour, the scenery and joy along the way let you really feel the harvest and worthy of this trip! The three days together strengthened the communication between the employees and strengthened the cohesion of the Frotises family. Frotises has always been adhering to the concept of "integrity, steadiness, inclusiveness, dedication, and tenacity", with a sincere and pragmatic working attitude and a lively and dedicated team spirit to stimulate the continuous innovation and development of enterprises, and is committed to becoming a well-known brand of auto parts in developing countries. This pragmatic and innovative concept and attitude enables us to actively and rationally adapt to the times in the rapid change of the times, grasp the opportunities of the times, respond to the crisis and challenges, and forge ahead on the way forward. We believe that controlling the state will become more and more prosperous!


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