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About us

Our history

Guangzhou Unipart Auto Spares Co., Ltd adopts the business model of setting up sales branches directly in Africa, by passing large importers and exporters, directly serving small and medium-sized retailers to minimize intermediate links. This business model makes our company’s products have higher risk resistance and pricing power. Under current harsh foreign trade situation, our company has maintained rapid development.

With the corporate vision of "To be a famous auto parts brand-owner in developing countries", by virtue of first-mover advantages and resource advantages, we will continue to set up sales branches and factories in developing countries, devote to serving developing countries adn responding to the national policy guidelines of the one belt one road.

With integrated ERP software management system covering purchase order, production and delivery, we provide customers with the most swift and reliable services. Relying on the first-hand information from the sales branches, we keep developing molds for the new vehicle models. Now we can supply full range of spare parts of Japanese vehicles for overseas.

Covering an area of over 6000 square meters, our warehouse in China headquarter can hold up to 250 containers at the same time. The steady supply of products makes us be a ideal partner in business. Adopting 6s management principle and strict quality inspection standards, unipart can consistently provide customer trouble- free and reliable products.


Our product

Guangzhou Unipart Auto Spares Co., Ltd has established sales branches with warehouses in Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Zambia, Ivory Coast Bolivia and Paraguay. Thanks to that, our company can always get first-hand information, which ensures the spare parts we supply are correct in measurement and excellent in performance. We are keeping close eyes on new model of vehicles so that unipart is always one of the first to present costomers spare parts for new cars. The strict quality standards have made our brand frotise receive commonly recognition from customers. Now we have completed product series with high quality, reasonable price and professional service. We have earned the reputation and obtained numerous customers' trust in those countries, and our sales channels have covered the township market.

Unipart specializes in supplying spare parts for Japanese vehicles and duty trucks in Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia and South America. Our own brand Frotise has a complete range and attractive prices. Enjoy high visibility and reputation in the target market. The main products are full ranges of chassis parts,bush and mounting series, ball joint series, engine parts, brake system, clutch and gear system and so on.

Product application

Guangzhou unipart auto spares co., ltd is an export-oriented spare parts supplier for all Japanese vehicles including toyota, nissan, suzuki, honda, mitsubishi, mazda, subaru, isuzu, daihatsu; and european heavy duty trucks and korean cars hyundai, kia. Now we focu on offering our professional service to africa, the middle east, southeast asia and south America markets. 

We mainly deal in auto parts under the frotise brand in overseas. We sell auto parts under brands in developing countries in africa, southeast asia, the middle east, south America and other underdeveloped regions, and mainly provide spare parts for Japanese cars and european heavy trucks.in addition to the african market, we are also expanding in southeast asia, the middle east, south America and other markets, hoping to bring the frotise brand to more customers.



Our Service

Governance vision-to be a famous auto spares brand-owner in developing countries.

• integrity and honesty

• down-to-earth attitude

• continuous improvement

• broad-mindedness

• selfless dedication

• perseverance

Pre-sale service

1.provide professional consultation. Reply to your professional technical questions in time.

2.provide a reasonable quotation. Provide you with a reasonable quotation in time.

3.provide inspection reception. We will receive your inspection at any time and try our best to provide various convenient conditions for your inspection work.

In-sale service

1.provide active, enthusiastic, patient and thoughtful service

2.provide auto parts product consultation

After-sales service

1.keep in touch with customers

Contact with customers in time, understand their requirements, and respond to their requirements. Understand the usage and problems of the auto parts.

2.home delivery and quality "Three guarantees"

Implement return, replacement, and repair services to protect the rights and interests of customers and reduce their risks.